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Ski competition The race of Memory

On the 15th of March, ski competition The race of Memory was held on the territory of Buzulukskiy Bor National Park. This competition was delivered in honor of Soviet Union Hero F.Afanasyev. He was a native of Maloe Ardalino village of the Borskiy region, and dead in 1944 under forcing of the Northern Dvina in Belorussia. More than 500 people from Borskiy, Bogatovskiy, Neftegorskiy and other regions took a part in a ski race. Most of them were schoolboys, schoolgirls and youth. Man’s sprint race on the distance of 1500 km for the prize of the Soviet Union Hero F.Afanasyev took place in the afternoon.
A chow wagon was working for the participants of the Memory Campaign, the winners of the competition were awarded by prizes. 
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