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Feed the birds in winter!

On the 26th of February the ecological education department represented by L.Kudrina, the head of voluntary patriotic club “Victoriya” V.Nych and pupils of the 5th, 7th, 8th and 9th forms of the secondary school participated in a campaign holding.
Winter is a bad time for birds that didn’t fly away to warm countries. Unfortunately, not all birds come to spring because of severe frost and shortage offood. To support the feathered, the employees of BuzulukskiyBor National Park hold a campaign “Feed the birds in winter!” every year.
The main goal of this campaign is a riveting of children and adults attention to the problems of birds wintering, active help to birds, discovering the birds role in natural complexes.
The participants hung bird tables in the forest in poselokPartizanskiy, near 350 year pine, knew about birds in our region.
We want to notice that every person can make a contribution and help to the feathered. It’s not necessary to go far to the forest or to wait a determined campaign day. You can feed birds near you house or job place.
Let’s not to be indifferent and help to our feathered friends to pass through a cold winter!
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