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Welcome you on the official site of Federal State Budget Organisation Buzulukskiy Bor National Park.


 “Buzulukskiy Bor is a highly unique forestland. It is like an oasis among vast steppes of Zavolgye, on the board of two climate zones: steppe and forest steppe zones” – wrote E.Knorre.

      The unicity and value of Buzulukskiy Bor consist not only in variety of flora and fauna but also in the fact that a lot of historic events were connected with it. The landscape of Buzulukskiy Bor is notable for its picturesqueness: here we can see high sand dunes, and flat reliefs, and sharp precipices, and rivers twisting between century-old pines.  If you enter into a forest you will feel at once fragrance of herbs and berries variety, will enjoy twittering of birds, will be delighted at pines that reach 350- year age and after leaving an urban fuss you will feel here harmony and calm!                                      
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