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The March for Parks - 2014

The March for Parks is an international campaign for landing aid to natural areas of protection of Russia and neighboring states.
The primary goal of the March for Parks is attention drawing of authorities, mass media, business and the society to the problems of natural areas of protection, provision of real hands-on assistance, awakening of pride for our natural and cultural asset in consciousness of nationals.
During the leading of the March for Parks reserves, national parks, and other environmental nongovernmental and educational organizations trigger and run panel discussions , press-conferences, Welcome Days, publishing in press, broadcastings, children ecological events, thematic exhibitions, actions of voluntary help and charity fundraising in support of natural areas of protection.
The motto of the March for Parks – 2014: Water for life is in wildlife.
Water is absolutely necessary for life. Even now people in many world regions live in conditions of clear water shortage. In places, it led to appearance of ecological refugees. Existence of people in the 21st century is impossible without rational use of fresh water sources and resources. It is not a coincidence that the United Nations General Assembly announced 2005-2015 years the International Decade for Action “Water for life”. Its main task is encouragement of different efforts for cease of unreasonable and wasteful use of water resources.
The sources of clear water are, first of all, natural water bodies with its biodiversity. But the human often destroys ecological health of rivers and lakes, polluting water by waste, disturbing hydrological regime, felling trees on banks for construction. So it is very important to support and extend the system of natural areas of protection: reserves, national parks and so on. These areas not only keep balance at nature but also protect water bodies, its flora and fauna thereby they save sources of clear water for people.
The date held of action: the 19-22nd of April. Conditions of bidding (download)


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